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What are the service options?

Option 1: Marriage or Relationship Counselling (Couples Counselling) 

Get started immediately to improve your relationship right from the word 'go'. It can be a huge relief to know you're getting the very best professional support. Because couples counselling is very practical, you can start making changes and seeing the difference in your everyday lives. Typically, this involves weekly sessions so you stay focused. There is no 'tie-in' period or upfront cost, just pay per session.


Option 2:  The eight-week 'Transform Your Relationship' Programme

Some couples prefer to commit to this eight-week, evidence-based programme to transform their relationship. It combines a structured programme with therapy. Taking the very best from clinical research to support your relationship goals, your therapist will be there at all times to help you with specific relationship issues.


Follow the carefully curated content, guidance and advice, and your relationship will likely blossom into something way beyond expectations of what you both thought possible. 


Content of programme:

  1. Assessing your situation. Understand your relationship's strengths and weaknesses. Create optimal, healthy behaviours to transform your life together.

  2. Knowing your relationship triggers. How to transform stressful situations into loving ones.

  3. Being heard and understanding each other's needs.
    Learn the skills of deep empathy for a lifetime of relationship success.

  4. Appreciating your partner's unique talents. Appreciation is both an art and a skill. Mobilise a range of techniques to fulfil your potential together.

  5. Healing deep relationship wounds permanently. This is a special technique stop you going around in circles. Learn how to do this and high tension and distress in your relationship will evaporate. 

  6. Expert conflict resolution and mindful communication. Learn the skills to ensure you don't slide back into old patterns. 

  7. High trust and intimacy. Transform the physical side of your relationship. Learn to recognise how what goes in the bedroom is a reflection of everything else going on in your relationship.

  8. Never look back. Unlock your true potential together and make the positive changes permanent, honouring each other's life goals in the process. Your life together will never be the same again - in the most positive way possible!

Find out more about working with Chris Langer, marriage and couples counsellor

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