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Reviews & testimonials

These are all quotes from people who saw positive results in couples counselling:

"This is brilliant! I can’t believe how quickly things got turned around. We’ve stopped fighting."

(E.H., Bath)

"Thank you so much. This has been better than any other marriage counselling we’ve had. It’s been a very positive process. We’ve turned things around 180 degrees."

(A.M., Bristol)

"We were getting caught in a vicious circle, but not anymore. I think far more couples should do this – we’ve told our friends, who were initially sceptical."

(F.S., Warminster)

"After doing couples counselling, we’re watching other marriages and thinking ‘I’m glad we don’t do that anymore’. We now enjoy the precious time we have together rather than cringe at the thought!"

(S.W., Hitchin)


"Both of us were shutting down emotionally, but it just meant things were bottled up and we had a major row every fortnight or so. We understand the pattern we were in – now we have learned the skills to do it differently. We express ourselves much better these days and it’s made such a difference."

(D.N., Letchworth)


"Once you get over the hurdle of feeling embarrassed that you can’t sort things out between you, counselling makes a massive difference. It’s changed us both for the better. We’ll never go back to how things were before, we’re so much happier."

(B.T., Bath)


"We debated having counselling for a couple of years before we took the plunge. Looking back, I can’t believe it took us so long to come round. Chris was an easy to talk to therapist, and we made good progress every week."

(W.A., Bath)


"It was the way I was expressing my frustration and anger that was causing the problems in our relationship. There was nothing much wrong apart from that. I wouldn’t hesitate to do couples counselling again if we ran into difficulties. Tackling it early, not waiting until things are in a really bad place, is the best thing to do."

(M.B., St. Albans)

"This was a massive catalyst for change. We basically weren’t talking to each other. This went back years even. I’m glad we’ve now got the tools to make things work. There’s no going back, not that I’d want to!"

(G.R., Bristol)

"I think what the process has been about for me is isolating the behaviours we don’t want in our relationship and focusing on getting the good stuff right."

(F.O., Bath)

"We’re able to reflect more on our relationship, as a couple and individually. We’re calmer. We realise that we always had the same values and vision. The unhealthy stuff got in the way - that’s changed massively."

(N.D., Bath)

"I couldn’t see a future together with us before doing this. I can’t believe how far we’ve come. We both feel we understand each other so much better."

(M.W, Wells)

"Thank you, Chris. Really appreciate all the help you’ve given us. It’s made such a difference."

(S.I., Hitchin)


"It’s gone really well. We knew we had an issue with communication. This has been the right mix of challenge, guidance and mediation. We’re in a much, much better place. Thank you!"

(P.S., Bath)


"The change has been that we’ve stopped finger pointing. We’ve started listening to each other instead, acknowledging the ‘bad’ communications and taking more responsibility. We actually enjoy each other’s company again."

(G.D., Letchworth)


"I’ve noticed my contribution to things when they don’t go as well. I can put my hand up to my own behaviour. I have much more self-awareness."

(N.M., Hitchin)


"You’ve given us a really strong set of tools for dealing with conflict. We’re connecting so much better."

(S.F., Bristol)


"I have to say we’re better than we’ve ever been down. Much better connected. Thank you!"

(A.M., Bath)


"Wanted to share some good news. We got engaged! We both wanted to send you a message to let you know cause it's honestly been through talking with you and changing our perspective on things which has been a big ol' transformation for us both. It's made both of us realise what we want and what we deserve so thanks for all your help."

(R.G., Hitchin)

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