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Be more intimate. Feel loved again

Couples often argue about sex. In our most intimate encounters, we can experience love and excitement, but also pain and rejection. 

However many years you have been together, and whatever the difficulties, couples therapy can help explore and understand the issues. Even if things have been that way for a long time. Even if each person is saying they 'love their partner' but are not 'in love with their partner'.

The approach here is not to label behaviours with unhelpful phrases, but to understand each other's experience of sex and intimate relations. The whole context of the relationship can be explored in a safe place and with an open of mind. Therapy is the ideal place to unravel all this.

Many couples are surprised at where therapy leads. Often, communication in the bedroom mirrors what happens outside the bedroom. Stalemates can be broken in marriage counselling. See also Why Talk About Sex in Couples Therapy?


Marriages can become reinvigorated with love and passion once more. For the other important areas of relationships see:

Identifying patterns

Emotional regulation

Building a stronger friendship

Communicating effectively

Realising your relationship's potential

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