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Undertstand. Communicate more mindfully

The power of mindful communication

Even with self-soothing and a healthy dose of friendship and appreciation in place, being alert to the effects of language and emotional tone pays dividends. A marriage or long-term relationship largely consists of conversations, and verbal and non-verbal behaviour. We may be unaware of much of our tone and the impact of our words whilst on autopilot. That’s why the feedback in counselling is so important.


Interactions and exchanges with each other can travel in both positive and negative directions – a little bit like the stock market! Remaining mindful of the emotional effect we are potentially having on another human being helps set ourselves up for greater intimacy and connection.


By reflecting on what triggers us in our interactions with other people, we can gain control over our reactions and respond in new ways. By learning the skills of mindful communication, we become more at ease with ourselves and others. Pathways to new conversations are created as old patterns are unlocked.


You can learn all these new skills in couples, marriage and family counselling.

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