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Counselling to Transform Your Relationship

Relationship counselling
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Marriage and relationship counselling (or couples counselling) changes lives for the better. Give your marriage or relationship the chance to prosper again.


You may have been trying for months, even years, to make things right between the two of you. But somehow you keep on getting stuck in the same places, with the same arguments, and stresses and strains.


You can't see eye-to-eye, and both of you are complaining that the other just doesn't understand your point of view. Sounds familiar?

Get in contact to improve things right from your very first call. Most people say 'if only we'd sought help sooner!' Good Relationships serves Bath and the surrounding Somerset area and Bristol, as well as Hitchin and the rest of Hertfordshire.

Expert support is vital

If you're married or in a long-term relationship, finding an experienced marriage or relationship counsellor is critical. With the right kind of counselling support, you can start to create a much better relationship from the very first session. Commit to the process, work through the stages with an experienced counsellor, and you will be amazed at how much you can achieve together.

You'll learn the special skills required to resolve conflict and make your relationship a real success you can be proud of.

How does relationship counselling work?


Understandably, people often want to know what the counselling process involves and the skills that will be learned along the way.  We start with understanding what state the relationship is in, and then find a pathway to recovery (if that is desirable for both parties).


Spotting destructive behaviours is key to understanding what could improve. Often, self-soothing needs to take place so that each person can approach the situation a little more mindfully. Focusing on one's owns needs and then being able to articulate these is important.


Building a robust system for friendship and appreciation is key to laying the groundwork for a positive, enduring relationship that will stand the test of time. And even when this is working and in place, an alertness to one's tone and language in communication is key to maintaining good relationships.


The good news is that all this realistic and achievable with a reasonable level of commitment.  

Is my relationship unhealthy?
Though each relationship is unique, unhealthy relationships tend to show the same patterns of destructive behaviour. In the presence of these destructive behaviours, a relationship cannot prosper or fulfil its potential. Feelings of anger, resentment, upset or hurt can cloud everything else.

Fortunately, these patterns can be observed and modified with the help of a skilled counsellor. Think of these behaviours as ingrained habits that create a negative emotional climate. But with the right intentions and commitment, these habits can be transformed allowing much greater positivity to surface.

A good counsellor will help you unravel what is happening in real-time, make skilful interventions, and enable self-reflection. It can be a huge relief to know that happier times are within reach.

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Professional services
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Gain a safe place to the explore issues or whatever is bothering you or your partner. Learn the fundamentals of friendship, appreciation and intimacy to transform your relationship. Reduce stress and tension, and reach your true potential together using therapy as the vehicle.

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When family relationships become unhealthy or dysfunctional in some way, help is on hand to turn things around. Feelings and communication can be improved with the right kind of therapeutic intervention.  Understanding and clarity begin to prevail, and old rifts can be healed.

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Sometimes, we need the space to work through issues on our own, especially if we feel those closest to us are being affected. Addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, or destructive patterns of behaviour are all things that can be tackled with very positive results.

When we change, others notice too.

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