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Learn to self-soothe. Feel the difference

Break free from old habits

When destructive behaviours show up in a marriage or long-term relationship, it is important for each person to reflect on their needs. For the time being, it may not be possible to have those needs met by the other person. In fact, one of the reasons that those destructive behaviours are damaging the relationship is that they hide a set of human needs existing underneath.


Through counselling and therapy, each person can learn to recognise those needs which feel as though they can’t be met by the other. Such needs include the need for:


  • rest

  • independence

  • empathy

  • understanding

  • emotional support

  • trust

  • respect

  • honesty

  • safety (physical and psychological)


Self-soothing in relation to one’s own needs can be the precursor to asking for needs to be met by the other in the relationship. If we don’t know what our own needs are, we are liable to unconsciously project them onto the other person. Counselling aims to dissolve projections and clarify needs at a much more conscious level.

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