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Flourish together. Fulfil your potential

Honour each other's life goals

We often talk about fulfilling our potential, but of course we have goals too with our partners and families.  We can call this 'We-actualisation'.


We-actualisation points to a meaningful commitment to life goals that have been formulated together with a guiding purpose of some kind.  They may not be permanent goals, they are likely to set the stage for the long and medium term in your marriage or long-term relationship. Such goals may include:


  • making family plans

  • setting up a business

  • taking a big trip somewhere

  • learning a new skill or hobby

  • self-improvement and personal development


Though these are subject to the stages and circumstances of life, they often define the essential essence of the relationship and answer the question ‘Why are we doing this together?’


Such goals may well be the reason for two people joining their lives together, and their reason for staying in the relationship too. Because we-actualisation is a guiding force in an important relationship, it is good to engage in ongoing dialogue on how to reach the true potential of the relationship and overcome any obstacles along the way.

Couples, marriage and family counselling sessions are the perfect opportunity to voice what we value most in our lives. By engaging in the process, you are reaffirming what is important for your lives together and charting a path forwards.

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